The Football Writers Association of America and the U.S. Basketball Writers Association continue to enhance their partnership for the 2015-16 academic year. Once again, you are able to join both associations with a seamless online application and payment gateway. This gives you full access to updated membership directories and benefit information. You are also now able to access member information through a smart phone app.

Please note that a new membership gateway is in final development and will be implemented later this month (May 2015). This new version of the online directory and the membership application process will transition to a easier-to-use, mobile-friendly site that will offer more features and flexibility.

If you'd still like to join or renew your membership at this time, you may go ahead and do so. Note that you do have until July 31 to join the FWAA in time to make the print directory, so we advise that you wait. Current members will be notified when the new website is ready to start accepting renewals and applications or you can check back here for updates.

Working together, both the FWAA and USBWA continue to set new membership records. We are excited to create another new chapter in the membership experience in the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your webmaster Ted Gangi (214-909-9314 or or one of us.

Thank you and we look forward to having you as a member this academic year.

Steve Richardson
FWAA Executive Director

Joe Mitch
USBWA Executive Director



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